92 year old robbed and run over

A 92 year old woman was robbed by two men outstide her apartment in Åstorp, in the south of Swede, on Monday. Then on Tuesday she died after being run over as she was crossing the road.

The woman and a 78 year old friend were on their way to dinner, reported Helsingborgs Dagblad, when they were hit by a car. Both women were taken to the hospital in Helsingborg but the 92 year old was later transferred to the University Hospital in Lund, where she died of her injuries.

The woman was interviewed by Kvällsposten about the robbery, just hours before she was killed. She described the two men that ambushed her when she was about to get her keys from her bag, after coming out of the elevator.

“The big man held my arms behind me and dug inside my bag. He managed to take my wallet, he let go and they ran towards the door,” she said.

She ran after the two men, screaming, but they managed to escape. They took money, her bankcard and her id.

“I am very agile and alert but I did not have a chance,” said the woman.

Kenneth Andersson, officer at Helsingborg police, confirmed that it was the lady who was robbed the day before that had been killed in the accident.

“We have compared the description of the two robbers. There is no connection between the two incidents,” said Andersson to Helsingborgs Dagblad.