Jesus born in Swedish taxi

A Swedish family got value for money when their helpful taxi driver doubled as a midwife and delivered them a new brother and son.

Stefan Larsson, 33, got the call to drive a mother and father and two young children to Skövde Hospital in western Sweden. The mother was expecting a baby and her contractions had already begun.

It was becoming increasingly apparent that she was going to give birth before they reached their destination. The family father was panic-stricken and the two kids were in floods of tears, Expressen reports.

The driver meanwhile quickly dialled 112 for emergency services and agreed to meet up with an ambulance at a roadside rest area.

But there was no time. The mother was in tremendous pain and the baby was clearly on its way.

Larsson stopped the car, while remaining in telephone contact with the emergency operator.

In the background he could hear the distressed father wondering aloud when the ambulance was coming. But Larsson knew that the ambulance would have to wait.

Newspaper Expressen spoke to the taxi driver, who takes up the story.

“I got the children out of the car and got down on my knees in the back seat beside the mother. The head was visible.

“The operator was fantastic, calm as you like.

“She said that I wasn’t to pull the baby out. Instead I should follow the contractions.

“When the baby came out it didn’t scream. The operator told me to clean its mouth with my finger and lay the baby on its belly.

“I got a bit nervous when I saw that the umbilical cord had twisted around the baby’s neck twice. But the operator told me what to do,” said Larsson.

After his quick lesson in midwifery, Larsson wrapped the new baby boy in his work jacket and put him in his mother’s lap.

The father’s mood swung rapidly from terror to delight and he gave the taxi driver a hug.

“When I told him it was a boy he said that they would call him Jesus,” said Larsson.

A few minutes after the birth the ambulance finally arrived.

“They congratulated me and clapped me on the back. They had heard the whole conversation with the operator,” said Larsson.

“I never even had time to become nervous. I just concentrated on doing everything right.

“I was present for the births of my own three children, but then I was only a spectator,” said Larsson.