Swedish teacher flashes breasts to student

A 46-year old female teacher in the northern town of Skellefteå reacted to a male student's blackboard sketches by showing him her breasts.

The woman is also accused of grabbing the backsides and genitals of two other boys.

The three teenage boys voiced their displeasure and yesterday the woman was prosecuted at Skellefteå district court on suspicion of molestation and sexual molestation.

When questioned by police the woman admitted revealing her breasts to the secondary school student but claimed that there was nothing sexual about the act.

The incident happened in reaction to the “provocative way” in which the boy had filled the blackboard with sexual swear words and sketches depicting scenes of nudity, according to newspaper Norra Västerbotten.

Her explanation for the second incident is that she may have made physical contact with the two boys after they had blocked her path and she attempted to pass.