Swedish school stops topless hockey pics

In a photo designed to mimic their hockey-playing male peers, a group of girls from a school in Kiruna posed topless on the ice rink.

But the girls were disappointed to find that their photo was missing when the school catalogue came back from the presses.

Without discussing it with the girls, the school authorities had decided that the photo was inappropriate.

Students at Hjalmar Lundbohmsskolan in the northern town of Kiruna traditionally do something a bit off the wall for the final-year school catalogue.

But this was a step too far for the school authorities, who call the picture “sexist” and refer to its “body fixation”.

“I don’t think there was anything wrong with the photo,” student Elina Wannberg told The Local.

Wannberg, 18, is one of the girls from the school’s esthetics programme who cooked up the parody.

Like the boys, the girls in the photo are wearing protective leg pads, ice skates and nothing else. They have however crossed their arms to shield their their breasts.

Elina Wannberg is upset that girl’s bodies are always treated in a sexual manner, while a photo of boys posing in their hockey gear with upper oiled bodies is not deemed a problem.

She calls it “discrimination” and hopes that the school authorities will have a rethink.

“They haven’t apologised for their decision.

“But we will be discussing it with them later today,” said Wannberg.