Football hooligan forced home in flimsy footwear

A football supporter arrested by police in Stockholm was forced to make his way home on public transport dressed only in prison clothing and plastic slippers. Chancellor of Justice Göran Lambertz has described the actions of the police officers in question as "clearly inappropriate".

The man was released by police in the Södermalm area of Stockholm on March 27 this year, the day after a violent clash between Hammarby and Djurgården supporters at the Dubliner Southside pub.

Approximately 100 people were involved in a bloody riot, in which glasses, bottles and pub furniture were used as weapons.

A total of 26 people were arrested, almost all of whom were released the following day. But one of them did not get to leave in his own clothes.

His trainers, jeans, jacket and sweater were confiscated. Police claimed that the garments would be required as evidence for an eventual investigation.

Consequently the man asked for a lift home but was told he would have to make his own way home.

Dressed in clothes labeled “Prison Service”, his only option was head for home on public transport. On a freezing cold day in March he tramped through the wintery streets in a pair of plastic bath slippers.

The man viewed his treatment by the police as degrading and reported the matter to the Chancellor of Justice. Göran Lambertz turned down the man’s appeal for compensation. He did however concur that the police officers’ actions were unacceptable and has passed his criticism on to the National Police Board.