Wallström and Jämtin turn down party leadership

The Stockholm branch of the Social Democratic Party has put forward its three candidates for the party leadership: Margot Wallström, Carin Jämtin and Mona Sahlin.

But Jämtin immediately made it known that she was not interested. And Margot Wallström has now informed the nominating committee that she does not want to be considered for the job.

District chairman Bosse Ringholm revealed the Stockholm nominations at a press conference this morning.

And as soon as Ringholm had finished speaking, Carin Jämtin revealed that she intends holding on to her new job as opposition leader in Stockholm City Council.

The question is whether Carin Jämtin’s no can be taken as definitive, or whether it, like Göran Persson’s no once upon a time, might later become a yes.

“I am an opposition counciller for Stockholm and my no means no,” Jämtin told news agency TT.

Is that set in stone?

“My no means no. I understand why you are asking but my no means no,” said Jämtin.

At the same time, nominating committee chairwoman Lena Hjelm-Wallén was able to reveal that she had been in direct contact with Margot Wallström.

“She is absolutely certain. She has gone through a process, which provided her with added confirmation that she does not want to run for party leader,” said Hjelm-Wallén.

The pair met at the European Social Democratic Party conference in Portugal last week.

“She is sure that she really doesn’t want to. Her motives are well thought through,” said Hjelm-Wallén.

More and more party districts are now ready with their nominations. Dalarna’s Social Democrats for example have decided on their favoured candidates.

Apart from the three contenders mentioned in Stockholm, the Dalarna group is also proposing Ulrica Messing, Margareta Winberg, Göran Johansson and Leif Pagrotsky.