Poolside sex blow for Christian Democrat

A Christian Democrat politician is under investigation by police following allegations that he performed oral sex on another man at a swimming pool in Eskilstuna this October.

“If this is correct there will be consequences of some sort,” Kjell Eldensjö, Christian Democrat chairman for the Sörmland region, told newspaper Folket. The party is known for its strong adherence to family values.

Two members of staff at a swimming pool in the central Swedish town claim to have seen the politician and another man masturbating each other in the jacuzzi.

The two men are then alleged to have moved on to another part of the building, where the politician was spotted giving oral sex to his companion.

The staff members immediately reported the incident, to local police. When questioned about the allegations, the politician denied taking part in any sexual activities on the swimming pool premises.

“I understand that it could have looked like that,” newspaper Folket reports him as saying to police.

Instead he explained that the whole thing was a misunderstanding. He had been leaning over to read his companion’s newspaper when the pool employees arrived on the scene.

Under Swedish law, sex in public is categorized as sexual molestation. Police are now looking into the matter.