Desirable Stockholm flat sold for 5,383 kronor

Björn Andersson has just bought a flat in the wealthy Östermalm district of Stockholm for 5,383 kronor. The self-employed marketing consultant was lucky enough to make the lowest unique bid on auction site Bidster.

“It’s fantastic. I’m very happy. I’m going to pay for it in cash,” said Andersson.

The 27 square metre flat is worth about 1 million kronor. Bidster just needed 50,000 SMS bids at 20 kronor each to cover the expense.

The company turns the auction concept on its head by ensuring that the lowest unique bid takes the lot. The bidding was capped at 50,000 kronor but in theory the flat could have sold for as little as one krona.

“I read about them in some newspaper and decided to try to buy the flat.

“I’m not really a gambler but this really got me going and I spent a lot of time trying to work out how to place the lowest unique bid.

Knowing he wouldn’t have many opportunities like this one, Andersson channeled his energies into getting it right.

“I made calculations in excel spreadsheets to try to work out what the lowest bid might be.

“There was a lot of strategy and tactics on my behalf. And I made a lot of bids.

“I ended up making the right bid late on Monday evening,” said Andersson.

Andersson currently lives with his partner in a rental apartment in the southern suburb of Hammarby Sjöstad. The plan now is to exchange the new flat for something bigger.

“After that I’m going to try to buy the Porsche that’s on Bidster’s site at the moment. It will fit in well with the new flat,” said Andersson.