Gothenburg floods: authorities fear chaos

More rain and strong winds are expected in western Sweden on Thursday, according to Swedish weather forecaster SMHI. Warnings of high water levels in lakes and rivers remain in force, with authorities fearing that chaos is near.

Rescue services in the greater Gothenburg area did not receive further emergency calls during the night. Work overnight was focused on pumping water out of a train tunnel in Mölndal and a telephone station in Kungsbacka.

“We are expecting people to start calling us once they wake up and realise that their basements have flooded during the night,” said Hans-Olof Allgulin, inspector at the alarm and rescue services for the greater Gothenburg area.

SMHI has warned that the river Ätran in Falkenberg could burst its banks at any time. Other warnings have been issued for Säveån, Nissan, Viskan, Upperudsälven and other smaller and medium size bodies of water in Södra Bohuslän and Norra Halland.

The water and sewage systems in Kungsbacka are functioning properly again since yesterday afternoon but the portable toilets that were installed on the streets will not be removed quite yet. Barbro Ericsson, spokeswoman for Kungsbacka municipality said that they would be needed if the incessant rain again interferes with the sewage system.