LO takes benefits battle to the streets

All over the country Sweden's largest trade union confederation, LO, is today staging demonstrations to protest the government's controversial new unemployment insurance reforms.

“Member’s of LO’s affiliated unions are furious, and we will do everything we can to make the government rethink its plans for cut-backs in unemployment insurance,” said LO chairwoman Wanja Lundby-Wedin.

The demonstration are set to take place in almost 40 different locations nationwide.

In related news, former finance minister Per Nuder has intimated that the government’s decision to defer the introduction of reforms may be illegal.

Anders Borg, Nuder’s successor as finance minister, has given the respective unemployment insurance funds until March to implement changes that were initially due to come into force in the new year.

“These delays create a hole in savings, which runs counter to the budget framework laid down by the government.

“Parliament cannot make decisions that run counter to the budget framework,” Nuder told Svenska Dagbladet.

The parliamentary finance committee meets tomorrow morning and Nuder has called on Anders Borg to explain how he intends to finance the delay. According to Nuder, the postponement has led to the government exceeding its budget by a 250 million kronor.