Flooding “not a catastrophe”

Extensive flooding in the Gothenburg region over the past few days presents a "difficult situation", defence minister Mikael Odenberg said. He denied, however, that a catastrophe was in the offing, and said that no extra state money would be forthcoming.

Odenberg visited western Sweden on Thursday to see for himself the consequences of recent heavy downpours.

Concern is growing that the large volumes of rain will cause mudslides. Water levels in the northern parts of the Ätran river, in southern Västragötland, were rising on Thursday. Water in the Mölndal river rose ten centimetres after rain overnight, said Gothenburg’s acting emergency services commander Håkan Alexandersson.

“But the level is still lower than it has been,” he said.

The levels of the Kungsbacka and Säve rivers was unchanged, Alexandersson said. Emergency services are continuing to monitor the situation across the region.