Astronaut grilled by minister and princess

Crown Princess Victoria joined Minister for Industry Maud Olofsson at Kulturhuset in Stockholm on Friday night for a live television interview with Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang.

After his space adventure Fuglesang will be free to take up on an invitation from the princess to stop by the Royal Palace.

“Dad – the king – hopes that you will pay us a visit when you get a chance and are back on planet earth,” said Princess Victoria.

“Of course. Thank you very much. I really look forward to it,” said Fuglesang.

“I have a special present with me for the king,” he added.

The presenter wondered what sort of event Fuglesang could expect at the palace.

“It will be a spacey party,” said the princess.

But it was Maud Olofsson who asked the question on everybody’s lips. What did the other astronauts think of the Swedish elk meat?

“We gathered in the service module and I passed around some elk sausage. It was much appreciated,” said Fuglesang.