Ice causes accidents in southern Sweden

Icy conditions caused a number of accidents in southern Sweden on Monday morning. While the ice is not unusual for the time of year, Sweden has been enjoying an unusually mild December until now.

Three people were taken to hospital after a crash on the E6, north of Falkenberg, south-western Sweden, early on Monday morning. Police in Halmstad confirmed that the accident was caused by icy conditions.

Several crashes occurred in Skåne during the early hours of the morning, although nobody was hurt.

On Road 23 outside Höör a car left the road and crashed into a house. Another car was reported to have left the road on the E4 motorway near Åstorp. Crashes were also reported near Landskrona and Rysgård near Skurup.

“It is very icy at the moment,” said Lennar Hornemark of Skåne police to TT.

Icy conditions also caused two accidents in Värmland, one in Karlstad and one in Forshaga. Two cars were involved in each accident, but according to police nobody was injured.

Roads in Västra Götaland and Jönköping County were also slippery, but only a few minor accidents were reported during the early morning.