Sjödin blames newspapers for resignation

Speaking in a television interview on Monday morning, former SSU chairwoman Anna Sjödin claimed that it was pressure from editorial writers that forced her to resign. The Social Democrat youth leader eventually stepped down from the post on Saturday.

“I have thought a lot about what happened and have difficulty seeing what I could have done differently. The only thing I regret is going to Crazy Horse that evening,” Sjödin told TV4.

The youth politician has been convicted and fined for assaulting and verbally abusing a bouncer on the night of the infamous Crazy Horse brawl last January.

Despite the fact that around ten local SSU groups called for her resignation last week, Sjödin insisted that she had plenty of support from within the youth party ranks. Her decision to resign was however taken out of consideration for her SSU party colleagues.

Sjödin added that her political ambitions had never stretched further than SSU chairwoman and that she has no concrete plans for the immediate future.

“You don’t make a career in politics; you win voters’ confidence. I am a qualified social worker and can imagine working with those sort of issues in the future,” she said.

At a board meeting on Sunday, SSU made the decision to wait until its August congress before electing a new chairman. Many were critical of the resolution but Sjödin lent the board her support.

“It’ll work just fine,” she said.