Sweden ‘should hold elections more often’

Sweden should hold elections every three years, so that politicians "can't avoid the voters", a top Social Democrat has said.

Marita Ulvskog, the Social Democrats’ party secretary, is to meet the Working Committee on Constitutional Reform on Tuesday. Among the topics expected to be discussed is September’s election result.

Ulvskog, who presided over the Social Democrats’ worst election result since 1914, says the current four year parliaments are too long. Sweden has historically had three year terms, but these were increased to four years under the last centre-right government in the early nineties.

Reversing the change, “would be the easiest and best way to revitalise democracy, so that you can’t avoid the voters for three years,” she was quoted as saying by Svenska Dagbladet, which pointed out that the Social Democrats had agreed to the move to four-year terms in the nineties.