SL security chief jailed

A former security chief at Stockholm's local transport company, SL, has been jailed for accepting bribes and approving fake invoices from security company Falck.

Ex-policeman Kjell Hultman was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for accepting bribes and breach of trust. He was ordered to pay 422,000 kronor in damages to SL and legal costs of 187,000 kronor.

A 44-year-old middle-manager from Falck was convicted of bribery and fined 80 days’ salary. Five Falck employees were cleared of bribery charges.

The Stockholm district court agreed with prosecutors that Hultman had received gifts worth large amounts of money from Falck. These were in the form of travel and in other benefits.

The court also ruled that he had approved invoices from Falck for security guard services in 2001 and 2002 that were never carried out.

Hultman was employed at SL in 1990. The company cooperated closely with Falck between 1999 and 2002. Staff from Falck were used by SL to clean up graffiti and vandalism.

The affair came to light after one of Falck’s competitors tipped off SL. Hultman was sacked by in 2002 and the case was reported to the police. The labour court has previously ruled that SL was right to sack Hultman.