Father raped daughter on deserted island

On a deserted island in a lake in southern Sweden a ten-year-old girl was repeatedly raped by her father.

A court has now convicted the 40-year-old man of rape and child abuse and ordered him to pay 230,000 kronor in compensation to his daughter. The court estimated that man raped his daughter on a total of 200-300 occasions.

When she was younger the girl had lived with her mother and suffered a difficult upbringing, according to newspaper Expressen.

In order to give her life more structure, she was sent to live with her father and his parents at a country mansion in Småland at the beginning of the current decade.

One summer’s day her father suggested that they spend some time together on a nearby island.

“I remember that the weather was lovely,” the girl told the court.

The small island is home to a colony of rare birds and it is forbidden to go ashore. A number of fishermen noticed that somebody had set up camp on the island but none of them did anything about it.

“Looking back I have terrible regrets that we didn’t look into the matter. If we had, all of this could have been ended in time and the girl would have been spared,” one of the fishermen told Expresssen.

But it was not to be. The father quickly established a pattern of abuse that was to intensify as the summer wore on.

“I remember that it hurt so badly. When we were on the island there was nobody else there but me and dad. I had no chance of getting away,” said the girl.

Fearing her father’s wrath the girl did not dare to report him when they returned to the mainland.

The girl’s father continued to sexually abuse her in various different locations, such as a caravan, a flat, and one of the wings of the mansion.

Five years after her ordeal began, the girl took the decision to flee.

She eventually received assistance at a women’s refuge, where she began to relate her horrific experiences.

When finally called to testify in court, the girl’s father pleaded innocent.

“It breaks my heart that my dad denies what happened and won’t take responsibility for what he did. I thought he loved me as his daughter,” said the girl.