Boyfriend killer gets rare life sentence

Cecilia Modig has become the sixth ever woman to be sentenced to life imprisonment in Sweden. On Tuesday the Court of Appeal ratified Luleå District Court's original murder verdict from 13 October.

Modig, 51, receives a state disability pension and arrived in court on Tuesday on crutches and wearing a neck support. But the appeals court judged that she had possessed sufficient strength to stab her 56-year-old boyfriend to death.

On the night of 30 June the couple had been drinking in the boyfriend’s house. Modig’s ex-husband, 73, was also in attendance.

Modig asserted in court that her ex-husband was the murderer. But the court found that his explanation of events was supported by technical evidence recovered from the scene of the crime.

Instead it was ruled that Modig had punched her boyfriend in the face, stamped on him repeatedly, before stabbing him several times in the chest with a kitchen knife. The man was later found to have cuts on his head, face and torso, as well as a broken tongue-bone.

After the attack, Modig and her ex-husband brought the victim to the shower and cleaned him off. They then dragged him over to the double bed.

With the man still alive, Modig’s ex-husband went home and she slipped into bed with her dying boyfriend.

“We said good night and he put his arm around me,” she said.

During the night Modig called her ex-husband, who could hear the victim’s cries for help in the background.

During the night, with Modig in bed beside him, the man died from his injuries.

According to the murdered man’s son-in-law, Modig had once said that she had a two-year plan, after which time her boyfriend’s house would become hers, Aftonbladet reports.

“Of course it seems eerie now that two years have passed and we know what has happened,” he said.