Swedish women to overtake ‘stupid’ men

Swedish men are less intelligent, lonelier and fatter than their female counterparts, a new study claims. Boys have fallen way behind in school, and there are more women than men studying some traditionally male university subjects.

“In twenty years men’s dominance will be broken and women will have more power in society. There will be more female CEO’s and the wage gap will favour women,” researcher Ingemar Gens told magazine Att:ention.

Experts have also observed that smart women are struggling to find common ground with members of the opposite sex.

“There will soon be a large collective of uneducated, low-paid men who don’t have any friends, and are unmarried and alone – as well as uninteresting for women looking for a relationship.”

“This is already happening, but the problem is beginning to accelerate. This is a huge danger for men,” said Gens.

Tomas Blideman from the Fryshuset youth foundation in Stockholm works with teenage boys and tries to get them to look beyond the typical behaviours of their peers.

“A lot of being a boy is about putting up a front. And it follows you all through your life. First it’s school, then the workplace and so on.”

“Being a boy means always holding your own. This creates an insecurity and incredible expectations. Studying is not one of them,” said Blideman.

While reaching consensus about a sort of ongoing male crisis, not all those Attt:ention spoke to were certain that this would eventually lead to women assuming greater control.

“The power of the patriarchy is so great that education and similar factors are not so important.

“Other things play a bigger role, such as short-cuts and networks for example,” said Malena Rydell, managing editor of feminist magazine Bang.