No hope left of a white Christmas

Those dreaming of a white Christmas can stop dreaming – and give up. The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, SMHI, has forecast temperatures of up to 8 degrees for Stockholm and 10 degrees for far south of the country of Sweden on Christmas Eve.

The little snow that fell in the Stockholm area on Tuesday has nearly all melted and the last chancesnow before Christmas will be tonight. After that, the mercury will start rising in the nation’s thermometers, giving central and southern Sweden a green Christmas.

SMHI meteorologist Jan Näs told Metro that the current “heatwave” is breaking records. The last time Sweden experienced such mild temperatures in December was back in 1986, when temperatures reached 10,5 degrees.

“The temperatures will turn around during the coming week. The snow that fell will melt quickly since the temperatures will remain above the zero mark,” said Näs.

Näs says that Swedes will have to wait a long time for the winter feeling this year, with the New Year weekend also likely to be green.

“It seems that the winter trend from last year will repeat itself this year. The first snow storm came between Christmas and New Year and the snow stayed on the ground until March,” said Näs.

During December, SMHI has observed above average daily temperatures of over 10 degrees in many parts of Småland, Östergötland and Bohus County. Swedish meteorologists class a day as having experienced summer temperatures when the average temperature is above 10 degrees for a period of 24 hours.