Rapist sues police over car damage

Niklas Lindgren, the 'Haga Man' rapist sentenced to 14 years imprisonment earlier this year for a series of brutal attacks in Umeå, is demanding compensation from police for damage caused to his car during their investigation.

Police forensics experts cut up a seat belt in Lindgren’s car as they searched for evidence linking him to the crimes, Västerbottens-kuriren reports.

Traces of blood on the seat belt were believed to have come from a woman whom Lindgren attacked and raped. Instead of sending the whole car to the laboratory in Linköping, the police cut off a section of the belt for examination.

Repairs to the belt cost 1,824 kronor, money Lindgren is now demanding from the police

Lindgren was convicted of a series of rapes and attempted murders in Umeå between 1998 and 2005. He was arrested in March, and convicted by Umeå district court on 19th July. An appeal court confirmed his conviction in October.