Left has clear lead in new poll

Sweden's three left-wing opposition parties have retained a clear lead over the governing centre-right Alliance for Sweden, a new poll shows.

The Synovate Temo poll, published on Friday in Dagens Nyheter and Sydsvenskan, had mixed messages for prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Despite the opposition’s overall lead, Reinfeldt’s own Moderate Party, the largest of the four parties that make up the Alliance, has regained the level of support it enjoyed in September’s election.

In the survey the Social Democrats, Greens and Left Party together have the support of 51.9 percent of those asked. The governing bloc has the support of 44.4 percent. In November the figures were 51 and 45 percent respectively.

Support for the Social Democrats is at its highest level since March 2003. Half of the party’s new supporters are people who stayed at home on election day.

Despite the reduction in overall support for the Alliance, the Moderates’ share of support increased to 26.4 percent from 25.2 percent. The change is within the margin of error.

Pollsters interviewed 1,928 people between 7th and 20th December.

Poll results in full

Moderates 26.4 (+1.2)

Liberals 6.1 (-0.7)

Centre 6.7 (-0.7)

Christian Dem 5.1 (-0.5)

Social Dem 40.8 (+0.9)

Left 5.8 (+0.1)

Greens 5.3 (-)

Sweden Dem 2.2 (-0.4)