Bildt sells Vostok Nafta options

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has sold the 15,000 stock options he held in investment group Vostok Nafta which is 90 percent comrpised of shares in Russian gas giant Gazprom, the government said on Friday.

Bildt had said at the end of October that he would sell the options after fierce criticism from Swedish media, political opponents and commentators pointing out a potential for a conflict of interest for a foreign minister of a European Union country.

The minister sold his shares in Vostok Nafta in October.

But on Friday, Bildt continued on Friday to hold 6,000 shares in Lundin Petroleum, a Swedish oil company that has operations in Sudan. His stake was worth 436,500 kronor, according to a Swedish government list obtained by AFP.

In November US-based group Human Rights Watch criticised Bildt for his stake in Lundin Petroleum, which is suspected of having close ties to the government of Sudan, a country criticised for its human rights record.

Bildt, 57, has holdings in about 30 companies and investment funds valued at about 1.69 million euros, according to a calculation by AFP.