Armed robbers target Christmas booty

Christmas is proving to be a busy period for Swedish robbers. In Stockholm alone three major raids took place on Saturday, while in Simrishamn in Skåne a forklift truck was used in a robbery on a jewellers.

Two of the robberies in Stockholm happened within the space of half an hour. In the morning, two men forced their way into a Svensk Kassaservice outlet on Nybrogatan before staff opened. The employees were threatened with weapons and forced to the floor.

The robbers, who have not been arrested, escaped with an unspecified quantity of cash.

A short while later a security guard in Vinsta, in the west of the city, was relieved of a money case as he was coming out of a store. Police have not arrested anyone for the heist.

The raiders who targeted a bureau de change in Kista Galleria on Friday evening are also still on the loose. Many Christmas shoppers witnessed the incident, in which a number of men armed with automatic weapons robbed the outlet.

But the most spectacular attack was in Simrishamn in the small hours of Saturday. Someone drove straight into a jewellery store with a forklift truck and got away with items worth hundreds of thousands of kronor.

It is well known that the risk of robbery is higher on the days around Christmas.

“It’s because there is a lot of money in circulation and it seems that the robbers are a bit short of cash at the moment,” said police spokesman Varg Gyllander to TT. He added that the police were prepared for this surge in criminal activity.

Swedes have spent an estimated 52 billion kronor on Christmas shopping this year.