Road accidents down on previous years

Motorists driving home for Christmas faced few problems on Swedish roads on 23 December.

Over the last few years an average of three people have died in road accidents on 23 December. This year that figure was down to one.

The day’s only fatality came when a man in his forties drove off the road in an all-terrain vehicle near Fagersta in Central Sweden.

In Western Sweden, concerns that diversions resulting from the collapsed stretch of the E6 near Munkedal would lead to difficulties proved largely unfounded.

On a day like 23 December the road normally serves about 17,000 vehicles. But while traffic was slow at times there were no accidents to report.

In large parts of the country the roads were wet rather than white. And several accidents were reported when the wet surface turned to ice.

Two people were injured in an accident in Viby in southern Sweden. In another accident, occurring between Eslöv and Marieholm, three people were injured. Nobody was seriously hurt.

Four people were injured when two cars collided on Gamlestadsvägen in Gothenburg.

Earlier in the day, ten cars were involved in a crash on the E6 at Backa in Gothenburg. The accident did not result in any injuries.