Justice minister calls for shoplifter ban

Justice minister Beatrice Ask has called for a ban on shoplifters who return to the scene of the crime. In the same way that football clubs can bar troublemakers from their stadiums, shopkeepers should also be able to keep shoplifters at bay.

On Saturday newspaper Metro wrote about the owner of a grocery store in Lund who barred young people under the age of 15 after disruptive pupils from a nearby school had stolen goods from his shop.

Public prosecutor Marianne Ny is doubtful as to whether such measures are legal. But Beatrice Ask considers small businesses to be particularly vulnerable and would like to make it possible for shopkeepers to keep thieves at arm’s length.

In a report written in February the centre-right alliance stated that it should be possible to bar individuals for repeated shoplifting. But according to the justice minister the issue is not currently high on the agenda.