Sweden concerned over tsunami aid ‘misuse’

Sweden's government has said money sent in aid following the South Asian tsunami could have been misused. Sweden is one of seven countries demanding an investigation into the way the aid money was spend, according to AP.

The money was donated for the identification of tsunami victims. But the donor countries believe that as much as sixty percent of the cash was spent on travel and other costs.

Liselott Agerlid, first secretary at the Swedish Embassy in Thailand, confirmed that Sweden had sent a letter to the head of the Thai police force outlining the suspicions. But she said she had no idea of how much money was involved or exactly how the money might have been misused.

“We can’t discuss that until there has been an investigation. Otherwise it will just be vague accusations and suspicions. Everything first needs to be investigated properly,” she said to Swedish news agency TT.

While Sweden is among the countries complaining, it is not believed that money donated by Sweden was misused. The donations in question were made by the United States, Britain, Finland, Germany France and the Netherlands.