Record year for drugs seizures

The Swedish Customs Service seized record quantities of heroin, opium and ecstasy in 2006, according to fresh statistics.

These statistics include seizures made before 22 December, meaning that the large quantity of cocaine discovered before the Christmas weekend is not accounted for in the new figures.

“The Customs Service is always advancing. Seizures increased in 2006 and we have noted record quantities of seized heroin, opium and ecstasy,” said customs director Karin Starrin in a statement.

In 2005 the Customs service confiscated 9 kilos of heroin, compared to 60 kilos this year.

The opium haul for this year amounted to 39 kilos, up from 21 kilos in 2005.

And Customs officers will be raving for some time about the 245,745 ecstasy tablets seized in 2006. The figure for 2005 was 72,700.

“We intend for Customs Service operations to disrupt organised crime, and narcotics crime in particular. Our assessment is that we have succeeded in that,” said Starrin.