Prosecutor appeals Ericsson tax dodge acquittals

Swedish authorities on Thursday appealed the acquittal of five current and former executives at Swedish telecommunications giant Ericsson charged with tax evasion in 2005.

Chief prosecutor for the Swedish National Economic Crimes Bureau (SNECB), Lage Carlström, told AFP that he had lodged an appeal against a Stockholm court’s ruling of December 8 that cleared the executives of the charges.

The judgement was “flawed” on a number of counts and the case would now be heard in the court of appeal, Carlström said.

The employees were charged in April and December 2005 following an inquiry by the SNECB.

The case dates back to 1998 and concerns a payments system for marketing consultancy services that has since been abandoned.

The bureau suspected that the system was aimed at avoiding taxes amounting

to 3.7 billion kronor.

Three of the five whose judgements are set for appeal are still employed by Ericsson, Carlström said.