Sweden loves Reinfeldt and Wallström

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has been voted the most popular man of 2006, while Margot Wallström is the most popular woman. For the 20th year in a row ICA-kuriren and Sifo have conspired to carry out a survey of the people Swedes most admire.

“I am very grateful, for however long it lasts. There is usually a risk that things will be changeable in my world,” Reinfeldt told ICA-kuriren.

Sweden’s EU Commissioner Margot Wallström has a theory surrounding her top placement.

“It might be because I’m so far away,” she told ICA-kuriren.

The politician just pipped a couple of royals to the top spot. Queen Silvia and crown princess Victoria are the heirs in waiting at second and third place respectively.

Last year’s winner on the female side, athlete Carolina Klüft, has slipped down to fourth place on the rankings.

Footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic didn’t even make the top ten this year, but Fredrik Ljungberg did manage to sneak in at number nine.

King Carl Gustaf is two places away from the throne filled by Fredrik Reinfeldt, who jumped from sixth place last year.

The king of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, is well-positioned to flat-pack the prime minister and send him back down the list when the time is right.

After a difficult year, former prime minister Göran Persson can find some solace in a top four finish to 2006.

Actor Mikael Persbrandt may have gained a victory over scandal-mongering in the press, but he is still male number five in the hearts of the nation.

Henrik Larsson moved from Helsingborg to Manchester United and from number nine to number six on the Sifo/ICA-kuriren chart.

Comedian Robert Gustafsson laughed his way to number six on the poll.

But Centre Party leader and Deputy Prime Minister Maud Olofsson was the highest new entry at number five.

The list in full (last year’s position in parentheses):

1. Margot Wallström (2)

2. Drottning Silvia (3)

3. Kronprinsessan Victoria (4)

4. Carolina Klüft (1)

5. Maud Olofsson (new)

6. Liza Marklund (new)

Kajsa Bergqvist (8)

8. Maria Wetterstrand (new)

9. Antonia Ax:son Johnson (5)

Annika Sörenstam (7)

1. Fredrik Reinfeldt (6)

2. Ingvar Kamprad (7)

3. Kung Carl Gustaf (2)

4. Göran Persson (3)

5. Mikael Persbrandt (5)

6. Robert Gustafsson (new)

Henrik Larsson (9)

8. Fredrik Ljungberg (new)

Jan Guillou (new)

10. Carl Bildt (10)