Northern Sweden set for wind power duel

Two companies are fighting for the right to build wind turbines at Blaikfjället in northern Sweden. Skelleftekraft and Svevind each want to built around 120 turbines.

“Blaikfjället is very well suited to wind turbines. There is already a connection to the national electricity grid from Juktan power station, and the wind conditions are also favourable,” Mikael Kyrk from Svevind told Västerbottens-Kuriren.

“But there is not enough room for two projects at the same time.

“It might be possible to coordinate the projects but there have not been any such discussions between us and Skelleftekraft,” said Kyrk.

Skelleftekraft has already started looking into the environmental impact and is planning to hold consultative talks with the nearby towns of Storuman and Sorsele in the new year.

The land at Blaikfjället is owned by the state and it is the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency that decides on its use. The agency is currently considering its position.

“The area may be worthy of protection from an environmental standpoint and we will have to wait for the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision,” said Mikael Kyrk.