Gävle Goat survives festive season

Having successfully survived Christmas and the New Year, an unharmed Gävle Goat was removed from the town square on Tuesday.

Fancy cars and flaming arrows have previously been employed to topple the enormous straw goat. But this year, fortified by an impregnable flame-repellent agent, the mighty beast stood firm.

“It’s not possible to burn the goat,” Mats Lorensson from Fiber ProTector told The Local, when the creature was erected at the beginning of December.

Looking back one month later, Lorensson has every reason to feel justified for placing his trust in the company’s textile protection products.

It is only the tenth time in the goat’s forty year history that he has made it through Christmas and the New Year.

“He is now being moved from the square and will be stored in a secret place and erected again in December 2007,” said the goat committee in a statement.