Businessman invests in quest for love

A businessman in the western town of Borås has forked out 11,500 kronor on a very large newspaper advertisement in his quest for a mate.

“Businessman seeks wife!” read a headline in yesterday’s edition of Borås Tidning. With large red lettering and an exclamation mark there could be little doubt that this man does indeed mean business.

Beside the headline he has submitted a picture of a smiling man and woman sipping hot drinks in a café. Although the man in the picture is not the businessman and the woman is not his future wife, the couple’s strategically placed elbows and loving gazes display a message of intent.

The man, who comes from the small town of Sjuhärad, is 55 years old, “serious, considerate, happy and energetic.”

While business takes up a lot of his time, he hopes to spend weekends away with his potential partner in Paris, Rome or London.

Downhill skiing and mulled wine in the Austrian Alps are also on the agenda.

Speaking to Expressen, Susanne Skoog from Borås Tidning said that as far as she can remember nobody has every put an advertisement like this in the newspaper before.

“I hope he gets value for money. But it doesn’t matter if he gets 100 replies if he doesn’t get the right one,” said Skoog.