‘No double murder’ in Jönköping

A married couple in their eighties found dead in their Jönköping apartment were not murdered as was first thought.

Police suspect that the man first killed his wife, then took his own life. A farewell letter was found at the scene.

“There was no hatred or violence against the woman behind this. He has been very worried about his wife,” said police investigator Lennart Wennblom.

Police were called to the scene when a relative of the dead couple suspected that a crime had been committed in their apartment in the southern Swedish town of Jönköping.

A police patrol soon arrived and gained access to the flat, where they found the two bodies. The couple had died less than an hour before.

“We view the case as closed. The important thing now is to cool down the hysteria surrounding a suspected double murder. We have no such theory,” said Wennblom.

The farewell letter found at the scene suggests that the couple were alone when the incident occurred.

A post mortem will be held in Linköping on Monday to confirm the cause of death.