Shots fired at Gothenburg pizzeria

Several shots were fired at a Gothenburg pizzeria on Friday morning.

The same pizzeria, located in the Majorna district, was also involved in a similar incident in August of last year.

Approximately half an hour before the summer shooting a leader from the criminal ‘Naserligan’ gang was found nursing shot wounds in a nearby multi-story car park.

The pizzeria was locked when the incident occurred early this morning. Shots were fired at the windows as well as other parts of the establishment.

“Several shots were fired but no injuries have been reported,” said police spokesman Lars Tunefjord.

Police received the alarm at 5.41 a.m.

Nobody has yet been arrested in connection with the shooting but a large number of police were searching the area on Friday morning.

Earlier in the night police received calls from residents in the Gårdsten district who had heard shots from the nearby woods.

When a police patrol arrived on the scene the rear window of the car smashed and police initially thought that their car was under fire.

“Forensic experts will analyse the car. There may be a natural cause. The windscreen may just have smashed by itself,” said Lars Tunefjord.

Police also found a car burning in the area.

“It was completely burnt out,” said Tunefjord.