Tensta bomb man threatens police

The 29-year-old Norwegian man involved in last summer's belt bomb drama in Stockholm threatened to shoot Norwegian police on Thursday night.

Back in his home country after a traumatic Swedish experience the man was arrested and imprisoned for car theft and gun crime. But on December 20th he escaped and has been on the run from police ever since.

The man was spotted in a car near the town of Askim in southern Norway around midnight on Thursday. Police immediately took up the chase, which ended with the 29-year-old driving into a pole at a Statoil station in Slitu.

Rather than turn himself in the man took to his heels with a woman who had been travelling in the car with him.

They disappeared into the darkness, with the man shouting back at the chasing police officers that he was prepared to shoot them.

“He tried to drive into the police car and it ended up with him threatening to shoot at police.

“We didn’t see a weapon but he has shot at police before,” police investigator Trond Svenkerud told Aftonbladet.

By Friday morning the man had still not been caught.

This latest incident follows a bomb drama in a Stockholm suburb that caused the closure of a major road and the evacuation of several residential buildings.

Police arrived in the Stockholm suburb of Tensta early on a Sunday morning in June, responding to calls about a man who claimed he was forced to wear a bomb belt by his kidnappers.

The man warned police that his captors had forced him to wear the bomb and that they were able to set it off with a call from a mobile phone.

Police later said that the device could not have been set off by remote control but that it did contain live explosives.

It was eight hours before police bomb technicians managed to remove the belt.

Two men were subsequently remanded in custody, suspected of kidnapping the Norwegian and strapping him into the bomb belt.