Shoplifting policeman ‘will keep job’

A shoplifting policeman from southern Sweden will probably be allowed to keep his job, despite being convicted of theft and violent resistance.

The policeman, who has served in the force for several years, was caught in a Konsum supermarket in Varberg in 2004 stuffing two shrimp sandwiches, worth 85 kronor, into a plastic bag before proceeding to the checkout and paying for other goods, local newspaper Hallands Nyheter reports.

Some time later he was caught at a homeware store in the same town stealing cutlery worth 1.5 kronor. When he was caught by a guard he tried to struggle free.

Then in February last year he was caught trying to steal a pillow case worth 89 kronor from textile store Hemtex.

The policeman produced a doctor’s certificate at his trial in Varberg that showed he was suffering from a disorder that causes memory lapses and impulsive behaviour. He said he had no memory of the thefts.

The court gave the policeman a suspended prison sentence and ordered that he pay 12,000 kronor in fines.

A spokesperson for the National Police Board admitted to Hallands Nyheter that the man’s crimes called into question his suitability as a police officer, but said that the lenient punishment against him meant it was unlikely that he would lose his job.