Pilot escapes plane crash

A pilot walked away with minor injuries when his light aircraft crashed into a field in Dalarna, central Sweden, on Saturday.

The plane crashed in the field, just outside the village of Backa, late on Saturday morning.

The plane was a Scheibe light aircraft with a four-cylinder petrol engine. It was being flown by a 64-year old pilot from the area, who was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

The ground was hard following a heavy frost, causing the plane to land with a loud bang, according to Hans Lindh, who lives near the crash site.

“We were sitting watching TV and thought that something had exploded on the farm. I went to look out the window and saw that a plane had crashed.”

Eyewitnesses said that the plane turned as it approached the village, but that it then stalled at a low altitude. The field into which it crashed is usually pasture for animals, but there were none there at the time of the crash.

According to the air rescue service in Gothenburg pilot was flying from the south-west of the Högsjö lake to the north-east. He became trapped in the plane following the crash, and needed help to get free of the wreckage.

“But he was OK and was able to talk after the crash,” said rescue leader Lars-Olof Jöckert.

“Of course he was shocked – people always are after incidents like this.”