Local officials investigate neglect of porcelain dog

A man in Kistinge, a town near Halmstad in western Sweden, has a porcelain dog on the steps of his house.

There it sits, perfectly still, leaving postmen and neighbourhood cats to go about their business in peace.

But the local environmental health office received an anonymous tip that the animal was being neglected and went over to investigate.

Having received the complaint, an environmental health officer and a departmental manager failed in the onerous task of carrying out research on the breed of dog in question.

As a result, the office manager drove over to the man’s address to size up the situation.

“We received an anonymous report and I went out to take a look.

“There was nobody home, which meant that I couldn’t go up to the house.

“I observed from a distance from my car and could confirm that there was a dog sitting there absolutely still,” the manager told Hallandsposten.

He confesses to being embarrassed upon discovering that he was barking up the wrong tree.

“It’s not the first time we’ve been tricked by porcelain dogs. Once we got a report about a dog sitting out in a field,” he said.

The ‘dog owner’ is none too impressed by the local council’s animal recognition skills.

“It’s a bit laughable that they couldn’t see it was a porcelain statue,” he said.