More white-collar jobs in industry

Signs are promising that Sweden's burgeoning economy will lead to more jobs in industry over the coming six months.

According to white-collar union, Sif, prospects for the first half of 2007 are better than they have been for years.

“The most positive thing about the strong economy is a new trend whereby the number of white-collar workers employed in industry is expected to rise,” said Sif economist Nils-Åke Carlsson in a statement.

According to Carlsson, the profits predicted by many companies for the coming years mean that they must now start investing in their businesses.

Sif’s industry barometer shows that sales, orders, production, export and profits are expected to rise in almost all industries for the first half of 2007.

The transport, pharmaceutical and IT industries are somewhat less optimistic than other industries with regard to the order quantities anticipated.

Sif’s analysis is based on a survey of its members in 130 companies representing 10 different industries.