Boys could face charges for Hitler salute

Two boys from a school in Bjurholm in northern Sweden have landed themselves in hot water for performing a Nazi salute on school premises.

Shortly before last year’s autumn break the two boys each stretched out an arm and began shouting the words “Heil Hitler”. Despite the intervention of staff members the boys refused to stop, Expressen reports.

The boys were subsequently reported to the police on the grounds that school policy did not tolerate insults of such a nature. It now seems increasingly likely that the boys will face court charges for their actions.

“There will probably be charges brought against them. But I can’t say when that will be.

“The suspicions concern agitation against minority groups,” prosecutor Stina Westman told Expressen.

According to the newspaper, the boys’ class was studying the history of Nazism at the time of the incident. But the school could not say whether this had prompted the boys’ actions in any way.