Sweden ‘a climate change winner’

Sweden would be one of the winners from climate change, with bigger crop yields and fewer deaths from cold, according to a new report from the European Commission.

Crop yields in northern Europe would rise by up to 70 percent by 2071 if average European temperatures were to rise by 2.2 percent, giving a boost to Sweden’s farming industry, according to the Financial Times, which has seen the report.

In Mediterranean countries, however, there would be more droughts and fires and agricultural land would become less fertile.

“Plants and animals associated with certain geographical regions are already moving or dying,” the FT quotes the report as saying.

All countries would suffer from the negative effects of climate change. Sea levels could rise by up to a metre, threatening many parts of Sweden. More acidic oceans would hit fish stocks.

The report, based on material from the Commission’s Global Monitoring for the Environment and Security, is due to be published next week. In it, the authors call for a drastic reduction in carbon emissions, but conclude that this would only cost 0.19 percent of the EU’s gross domestic product.