Snow forecast for Thursday

Much of Sweden may see some snow on Thursday. But snowball fights are unlikely as it is not expected to stick around for long.

Meteorologists are predicting that an area of precipitation over the west coast may bring with it some snow.

“But it will probably be quite wet, and in Götaland the air temperature will be just above zero.

“So it is doubtful that the snow will stay on the ground. But in parts of Svealand it looks like temperatures will drop below zero,” Therese Fougman from meteorological agency SMHI told Dagens Nyheter.

The newspaper reports that the band of snowfall will cross the country during the day, reaching Stockholm in the early evening.

Northern parts of the country, however, where temperatures have already crept below zero, may wake up to a covering of snow on Friday morning.

“It may become quite fresh in many areas because of the band of snowfall, but winds will not reach the speeds we saw on Tuesday night,” said Fougman.