Ex-police officer gets 10 years for drugs smuggling

A 45-year-old former police officer has been sentenced to ten years in prison for smuggling drugs. The ex-policeman, from Halland in western Sweden, and a 49-year-old Malmö resident were found guilty by Malmö District Court of attempting to smuggle 70 kilos of amphetamines into the country.

The men travelled together to Amsterdam to pick up the record narcotics haul before returning to the Öresund bridge in separate cars.

The ex-policeman drove ahead on the Danish side of the bridge to check for border controls. He then called the 49-year-old to report that the coast was clear.

But customs had been tipped off about the smuggling attempt and intercepted the call. Customs officers stopped the two men and found the large quantity of amphetamines.

The older man, who has admitted to the crime, received a 14 year prison sentence.

The former police officer, who worked on the police force in the 1990s, pleaded not guilty but was sentenced to ten years in prison.