Mother jailed for filming daughter’s rape

A woman who filmed while her husband raped their teenage daughter has been sentenced to two years imprisonment by Helsingborg district court.

The woman was found guilty of being an accessory to child rape and sexual exploitation of a child.

The woman’s lawyer, Helene Thulin, said she would appeal the verdict.

“There was no sexual motive behind her actions,” she said.

The court found that the woman did not intervene to prevent a series of sexual assaults on the girl, including an incident of rape.

The man, 56, was sentenced to three and a half years’ imprisonment for child rape, serious sexual exploitation of a minor, exploitation of a child for sexual poses and serious child pornography offences.

The verdict against the man covered offences against his current wife’s daughter and against the daughter of his former partner.

The latter girl reported the man to the police last August, accusing him of assaulting her repeatedly when she was aged between nine and eleven.

The man is appealing his convictions.