Reinfeldt expresses fears over Baltic pipeline

Sweden will be watching out for environmental risks which could stem from the construction of the Russian-German oil pipeline on the Baltic Sea, said the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

“For us, it will be very important to see whether the effects on the environment could be negative (with the construction of the gas pipeline) and if we will be able to react to do something against that”, Reinfeldt said in a joint press conference with the German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Russia plans to increase the capacity of its oil pipeline leading to the Primorsk terminal on the Baltic Sea to 120 million tonnes a year in order to reduce its dependence on transit via Belarus, the Vedomosti newspaper reported earlier citing a Russian official.

Reinfeldt added that, for the moment there is no proposal to which the Swedish governmnet can react, and “it is too early to say how we will react when we receive the final propostition”.

The Russian-German project crosses the Swedish maritime economic zone, and even raises fears in Sweden that it could provide opportunities for Russian information gathering.