Old woman ‘wandered around airport for two days’

A 75-year-old grandmother from Gothenburg was found at Oslo airport on Tuesday, after having been lost there for two days.

Razija Velic had been due to arrived back in Gothenburg on a flight from Amsterdam on Sunday, but her flight with Dutch airline KLM was rerouted to Oslo due to bad weather, Göteborgs-Posten reports.

Passengers were supposed to be transferred from Oslo’s Gardemoen airport by bus to Gothenburg, but when Ms Velic’s family met the bus in Gothenburg there was no sign of her.

Ms Velic, who speaks no Swedish, was reported missing by her family. By Tuesday morning she had still not turned up. Only after an intensive search by Norwegian police was the 75-year old found.

Alen Demirovic, husband of Ms Velic’s granddaughter, said the old woman had not understood what was going on, believing herself to have landed at Gothenburg. She was apparently waiting for her family to collect her.

“It makes me so cross. How can an old person be allowed to wander round an airport for two days without anyone noticing,” he said to GP.

Ms Velic had been left behind after staff on the transfer coaches had failed to check that everyone who boarded had a ticket for the rerouted flight. Staff simply counted to make sure that the right number of people boarded.

Ms Velic was reported to be in good health following the incident.