Parents suspected of putting daughter in freezer

Police are to resume a preliminary investigation on the circumstances surrounding a four year old girl taken to hospital with severe hypothermia. The girl was treated at Sundsvall Hospital in northern Sweden last summer.

The girl’s father was arrested on suspicion of causing her condition but was later released.

When the girl arrived at Sundsvall Hospital her body temperature was well below normal and she remained in a critical condition for several days.

Her parents told staff at the hospital that they had found their daughter unconscious, explaining that she suffered from a very uncommon illness.

But hospital staff were not the only ones who doubted the veracity of the story.

“I think the parents caused it, either by sticking her in a fridge or freezer, or using cold water,” district prosecutor Lisa Eriksson told newspaper Dagbladet.

A new report from the National Laboratory of Forensic Science has confirmed that the girl is in good health and does not suffer from any unusual illnesses.

The girl’s father had previously been reported for assaulting his daughter, and the girl had injuries on her backside when she was taken to hospital, according to Dagbladet.

When she left hospital the parents gave their consent for the girl to be moved to a foster home, where she still lives.

“The problem I have is to prove that the girl was treated in a criminal manner. They are still suspected of assault and my task now is to investigate whether the parents can be charged,” said Lisa Eriksson.