Linnaeus tree lost in storm

A famous tree linked to Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus fell victim to the storms which hit southern Sweden earlier this week, it has been reported.

According to tradition, Linnaeus rested under the tree, a 300-year-old juniper in Bäckseda, near Vetlanda, as he journeyed through his native county of Småland on his way to the island of Öland.

After resting, he walked through the nearby meadows, picking flowers and placing them in his carrying case, according to local newspaper Vetlanda-Posten.

The tree was one of many to fall victim to the storms which swept southern and western Sweden at the weekend. Winds reached speeds of 144 kilometres per hour in some places, and five people died.

The local community group has now proposed placing a plaque on the site of the tree.

This year marks the 300th anniversary of Linnaeus’ birth. A number of events are planned in Sweden to mark the occasion, including a visit by Emperor Akihito of Japan, a keen disciple of the Swedish botanist.

Linnaeus is celebrated as the man who developed a system for the naming and classification of plants and animals, among other things.