Switching jobs swells wage packet

Changing jobs is usually worth the effort. That is the conclusion reached by graduate association Jusek.

The organisation found that university graduates employed in the private sector who switched jobs over the last year managed to increase their wages by 11 percent, almost double the increase observed in the group as a whole.

For its study, Jusek looked at wage statistics for graduates working in the fields of law, business administration and economics, computer and systems science, personnel management and social science.

A similar trend was observed among state sector employees, where a new job resulted in a 9.6 percent wage rise. The average figure recorded for all university graduates employed in the state sector was 6.4 percent.

Local government employees who opted for a fresh challenge saw their pay packets swell by 6.4 percent, compared to 4.9 percent for the group in its entirety.

Entry-level wages for university graduates have also shot up over the last year. At the beginning of 2005 there was no change from the previous year. One year later however entry-level wages went up by 7.3 percent in the private and local government sectors, and 7.4 percent in the state sector.